Beacon Pottery

I'm mystified... I can't find any information regarding Beacon Pottery!  Some of their products can be found with a foil label that reads, Beacon Pottery, AmBeau Ware, Rockford, Ill.  Anyone out there know about this company?

Beacon Pottery TV Lamp value:  rarity:
The Beacon Pottery planter/lamp is a pretty routine design, if rather tall. What distinguishes this one is the textured finish... and that color! Photos courtesy of Charlene from the Ozarks.
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp The ceramic planter sits on a decorative metal base, as did similar designs from many other companies.
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp Top-view.
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp The Beacon Pottery marking is on the bottom of the planter.
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp It sure looks spiffy all lit-up!
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Beacon Pottery undoubtedly decided to make this one a lamp as an afterthought, as it looks like anything but a TV lamp! Photos courtesy of Brenda from DeKalb, Illinois.
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp This one indicates that Beacon was located in Byron, Illinois, as opposed to other pieces that show their location to be Rockford, Illinois.

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