Barsony Ceramics

The Australian firm Barsony Ceramics produced lamps, as well as other items, that are today considered to be the very essence of mid-century design. The factory in Guildford was active from the early '50s until the early '70s, and was operated by George and Jean Barsony. While other colors were offered, Barsony is best known for the popular black finish applied to the majority of their products. Scarce in the U.S. as they don't appear to have been imported.

Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp value:  rarity:
The leggy tennis player portrayed on this Barsony Ceramics lamp appears elegant and more than a little aloof! Photos courtesy of Rob from Melbourne, Australia.
Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp Another angle. Barsony let the sculptural quality of their products dominate, but tastefully hand-applied color was used for details.
Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp Back view.
Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp Hand-painted detailing.
Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This bikini-clad woman is silhouetted to great effect on this Barsony lamp.
Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp Side view.
Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp All lit up!

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