Vintage Lamp Advertisements

Trade publications of the day like Giftwares, Gift and Art Buyer and Lamp Journal were chock-full of advertisements for lamps, shades, accessories and assorted pottery, and I thought it might be fun to share some of them. I've included other printed material as well, such as postcards and manufacturers catalog pages. All sorts of mid-century designs are present, but there is a surprising absence of TV lamp references, which is no doubt due to their being extremely low-profit items. In contrast to table lamps, TV lamp production was high, and the competetive price bracket made profits on their sale minimal at best. The ads shown are from publications dating from 1945 to 1959.

Phil-Mar Lamps

I'll bet Natalie sold many a lamp!

Modern Art Products

Plexon Corp., maker of lacing for lamp shades.

Leviton sockets and switches

Navis & Smith's "Nasco" lamps.

Bradley Manufacturing Co.

Fine Art Lamps Ltd.

Phil-Mar Corporation.

Haeger Potteries Inc.

Silvestri Bros. Statuary Co.

The Verplex Company, distributors of Rodisco lamps.

Modern Art Products.


Phil-Mar lamps

Play it, Natalie!

Modern Art Products.

Bradley Manufacturing

Make sure your lamps have their bottom felt!

Phil-Mar, advertising their line of Early American designs.

General Electric 100 watt bulbs.

Twin-Winton, featuring their hillbilly line.

Berger Machine Products, makers of metal hardware parts for lamps.

Circle F Mfg. Co.

Haeger Potteries.

Modern Art Products.

        Phil-Mar Corp.

No, No, Natalie!

West Coast Pottery.

Gregg Manufacturing Co.

Modern Art Products.

Bruce Industries

Phil-Mar Corp.

Horizon Lighting Inc.

Dodge Incorporated.

Modern Art Products.

Haeger Potteries.

Don't mess with Natalie.

Old Mission Woodcraft Specialties.

Walter Wilson.

West Coast Pottery.

Modspe Products' fascinating aquarium lamp!

Dorothy Kindell.


Clay Sketches.

Dorothy Kindell.

Phil-Mar lamps, featuring some classically inspired products.

Majestic Lamp Mfg. Corp.

Haeger Potteries.

Protex Cushioning.

So long, Natalie!

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